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marijuana. >>> a defensive lineman for the dallas cowboys is arrested and the charges he faces in the death of a fellow teammate. >> it shows the power of on- line media and what is changing. >> owner has a right to get . >>> growing medical marijuana outdoors could soon become illegal in concord. new at 10:00 ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with the new recommendation and the case that sparks it. >> reporter: david it all started after we did a story about a backyard grow in october now this report from city staff is recommending a ban on all outdoor marijuana growing even though california law allows it. >> for consideration on december 11th. >> reporter: she is handing owe green fliers to neighbors taking on green of another kind grown anyway backyard behind her house. >> it smells like a skunk and i mean literally a skunk. first we thought we were being invaded with skunks and then we realized that somebody was cultivate marijuana. >> reporter: we first reported on complaints of this medical marijuana grow in october and the city confirm it was a legal medical marijuana collective, bu
to the defense of marriage act. and the couple that took their fight to marry to california supreme court, they are surprised by today's decision. >>> the developing news of a homicide in oakland tonight. police responded to a shooting inside a home. police say a woman was shot and killed in what may be a domestic violence incident. they say there were children inside the home and the children are physically okay. later a man called police identifying himself and they picked him up. >>> a woman and a boy killed today in a collision in calm calm. the -- in contra costa county. a car crashed head on into a big rig truck on the road. the chp said the truck driver saw the accident development. >> he noticed the car, started swerving back and force and came across the line and hit the front of his truck head on. >> the drive of the car died. the boy died at the scene. still buckled in to the back seat. >>> the police are looking for a special needs teen who walked away from her home. -- from her home. she disappeared about 2:00 a.m. she is 5 feet 4 inches tall, 174 pounds. she may be heading t
not returned our calls. >>> retribution. >> friends of bay area blogger come to his defense. >> and animal shallers overwhelmed with dogs. the special office they're making now in hope you can't refuse. >> and weather we industrial a few lingering showers but the fog could soon be a problem. where we could have some dense fog first thing tomorrow morning and i'll let you know if the dry weather pattern remains in place through the weekend. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> back on the job tonight another twin ports of los angeles and long beach. tentative agreement was reached last night. clerical workers will worked out claiming pep shipper were outsources jobs. they had been without a contract for more than two years. the strike was block more than $1 billion a day in goods at the ports. >>> a gay glogers appeared before a j
the federal defense marriage act denies legally married same sex couples the benefits. our coverage continues with patty lee live in san francisco with reaction from two key players and one couple that remains in limbo, patty? >> reporter: today's announcement caught a lot of people from off guard, same sex couples hoping to wed to pioneers briefly legalized it in the city. >> reporter: tom picked out items for his wedding to his lifelong partner but they have not set a date. they are waiting for the supreme court to make a decision on gay marriage that will effect them and millions of couples across the country. >> this means there say chance for an even greater resolution that the supreme court can recognize that marriage is a constitutional right for all- americans. not just for californians. >> reporter: stewart and john, plaintiffs in the historic 2008 lawsuit that held that california's ban on same sex marriage violated the constitution did not expect the supreme court to take on prop 8. >> we are very, very hopeful that the decision will break in favor of loving, committing same-six
. they received offensive players honors. travis johnson was named defensive player of the year. johnson said he is happy for his teammates and not just himself. tons of our starters on the first team all wac and so it just kind of put everything together in the end."" ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> johnson has been nursing a knee injury but should be ready to play in his first-ever bowl game. several of the 16 outstanding spartans will return for next season. i'm really excited for this military bowl. do you plan on going? >> hopefully. at least now students have time to save up. but the players we just talked about, how exciting it is to go back to dc for a longer period of time, right? >> they're so excited about actually being able to bring the entire team instead of just the few players they brought last time. >> who have been the most exciting players to watch? ast twelve weeks we've had the opportunity to bring you the ne >>> over the past 12 weeks, we have had the opportunity to bring you the news. during that time we have had moments that we're proud of, and moments we're not so proud of.
bogut play again this season, but tonight against one of the best defensive teams in the nba, they wear aids awareness warm up jerseys. klay thompson canned one of his 3-pointer there. i said it, first place warriors are a scrappy bunch. david lee finely causes pacers to cough up the ball and curry scores 20 points and golden state led by 7 at intermission. no bogut, no problem. curry's shot doesn't go, but landry comes off the bench to score 16 more. outrebounds the pacers. watch jarred jack. nothing better than that, but better. scoring 18. warriors win and they are 10-6. it's their best start in seven years. the 10-6 warriors are tied for first place in the pacific division with the clippers. even without bogut they have won the rebound battle in 10 games and. >>> ucla clinched their first rose bowl bid since 1999 . this is montee ball and they might as well start working on montee ball right away, because he is a monster. playing nebraska today. melvin gordon duking away, 56 yards, quick 7-0 lead over nebraska. nebraska looked like they had a pulse when martinez turns trouble into
and defense tonight. quarterback carson palmer had a higher passer rating than peyton manning and yet they never came close to upsetting the broncos. and there was a special ceremony. but future hall of fame quarterback peyton manning threw 23-36 310 yards. allen coached against his former team today. three days after his father died in texas. raiders tried to win one for the coach. and here's adams. that's a touch back. sets up oakland's longest touch down drive of the season. an 80-yarder. carson palmer to mcfadden. denver led 13-7 at halftime. palmer was picked off once. and then loses it on this sack by miller. denver recovers at the two yard line. two plays later they score it. this is becoming a regular part of the raiders mo. score a touchdown just for window dressing. dhb, 56 yards. denver wins its eight in a row. raiders lose a fifth straight 3- 10. capping a very tough week for coach dennis allen. >> i went home on sunday and took my father off life support. and that's not easy to do. so was it hard? yeah it was hard. but i know my father would want me to be here with this
blocks away from the shell refinery. >> it is the first line of defense for us against the many mishaps that could happen. >> in addition to the station in martinez, the others earmarked for closure are in walnut creek, lafayette and clayton on center avenue. >> this is going to leave clayton with absolutely no fire stations in our city. >> the stations were marked by contra costa fire officials to save $10 million a year. officials warned that if a partial tax measure failed last month, this would happen, and the measure did fail. >> we're basically at a juncture now where we don't have an awful lot of options available to us. >> fire officials said they made their decision based on call volume of at each. firefighters say closing the station will increase response time. >> we'll have to reconsider our tactics, maybe not go in because when you -- when you go in to do an interior fire tack, you need to have the necessary backup on the outside. >> the supervisors asked the fire chief to come back with more information on specific stations and possible alternatives. >> it is most likely t
of a play at that time. >> he is smart with the ball. i mean, our defense played a great game. i gave up those points that were on the scoreboard for the rams. so, that is 100%. and to do things, really good things under a lot of heat and dures and and handled himself well. >> and the last time raiders won in 2007. now, first year head coach, dennis allen has his name stphafpled on that as well. earlier today, the oakland coliseum looked like a giant swimming pool. after 13 straight sellouts, today's game, blacked out locally. 34,000 fans showed up. they moved the ballot first drive. until the raiders safety, gets the throw. takes it back. raiders can not convert. they kicked it off twice today. the 28-year-old rookie quarterback threw for career high, 364 yards. josh beats raiders and they thought please, not another fall out. just 10-3 at halftime. then, making plays at the lake. davis and the rookie, he makes it 13-10. play the young guys, throwing for 350 yards, makes a costly mistake every week. here, kicks off. 6 yard line. the raiders, 54 times. just 17 times. cleveland drives it
. angel pagan will return to roam center field. he made crucial defensive plays throughout the postseason, in fact, the late goings of the regular season, tested the free agent market, decided a 4 year, $40 billion offer is enough to keep him by the bay. the guy goes all out on every play. one of the most pleasant personalities you will ever encounter. you want to play the blame game with the 49ers? that's a contest that would surely go into overtime. enough of it to go around, despite harbaugh getting his guy pumped up. mistakes for the young quarterback totally expected. it's nice to see the coach not mince words, and taking a little of the blame as well. >> that's our job to finish those games. we all take responsibility for that. responsibility taking, starts with me on that option play that resulted in the nightmare scenario. and it's a position of the game i should not have let that play be called. >>> all right, it's almost reached jordannesque standards when rg3 takes the field. even when it goes bad, it goes good. into the arms of former 49er joshua morgan. you e it again. it is
, they have to drive if ball on the defense. so regardless, you know. we need to go three and out own stop them right where they need to get the offense and try to put points on the board. it works hand in hand both sides of the ball. >>> up on the hilltop tonight, things looking pretty good for the sc. not sure if chris mullen was at the game but he would not have liked what happened to his alma mater. that is st. john's coach steve navin. big local name. usf second half is what breaks it open. tim dirkson dualing. the end parker 28 points driving to secure the victory and that was the end for st. john's 81-65. and at the end an east bay product and i don't know if you guys know how he got his name but he was the last of 10 children mom named him daend. >> you can't make that up. >> that's a true story. >> daend. that's it. thank you for trusting the news continues at 4:30. >> we will be following a shooting with multiple victimless. v ictimless -- victims. we will also be tracking the morning commute rain. and when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. o
led the nation in scoring. but they also surrendered 38 points a game on defense. >>> the warriors continue to flirt with first place. who cares if it's only december. far fetched, but it's just fun to say. warriors first place. the first game of a road trip. detroit. in the 3rd quarter, they outscore the pistons by 16. david lee knows what to do with it. curry creates the turnover here, quickly into the court, he will find clay thompson. the pistons make a late move, as you figure they probably would on their home court. but curry again coming through to stabilize. a nice start to a seven game road trip. >>> until further notice colin kaepernick is the 49ers starting quarterback. which is not saying there weren't plenty to kaeper- nitpick about. nothing too glaring as to shake his coach's confidence in him. >> after a couple tough plays last week, to come back the way he did, we always knew he had that, then to have a chance to display that, he's done a great job getting out of trouble, and extending plays. been very accurate, throwing the football, and done a lot of good things.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12